Is this YOU?

  • You have spent countless hours, days, maybe even years trying to "fix" your body.  
  • You have invested in diet books & programs, maybe even pills for weight loss.  
  • You have listened to the latest food fads ushered in to popularity by celebrity doctors, magazines, you name it.  
  • You have sought out clothing to hide your so-called "flaws", considered drastic measures to get the perfect body, maybe even found yourself in the dark pit of an eating disorder.
  • You have grown a terrible dislike of your own body and exercise until it hurts (or avoid it all together) because you hate your body.
  • Through all of this you have may have also distanced yourself from God, but you are ready for transformation.  

You have not failed!

Dieting has failed!

End the battle with chronic dieting, calorie counting & body dissatisfaction. enjoy food again, on your terms and take back the life promised to you.

The time is make a's time to Embrace THIS life



You are loved. You are accepted.

You are more than a number.

Are you ready to live like it?

Hi there!

I'm Kelley Raetzsch

(sounds like "Rachel" without the "el")

Registered Dietitian by trade

But I like to think of myself as a Transformer, not really like the comic book ones, but let me tell you, I have some really amazing superpowers that are way more awesome than what you see in the movies.  My powers are really God working through me to help you learn to trust your own body, your own hunger and fullness rhythms, and move away from the rules and rigidity of dieting. 

I help transform your life

From one consumed with food, body and weight obsessions to a LIFE where you are truly free to live. By helping you learn to trust your body, your own rhythms of hunger and fullness, not the rules and rigidity of diets, you will embrace what dieting or eating disorders have taken from you. You will begin to put more trust in your own body and not the scale.  You will bring God to the main stage of your life. How would it feel to boldly walk in God's love and embrace your identity in Christ?

Are You Ready to Start Living

Like You Are More Than

A Number?

Get Started...on your own or with support!

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