Freedom from dieting, eating disorders and body-dissatisfaction can feel like a challenge course.

You constantly have to be thinking ahead to make sure you make a solid next step. Sometimes you land it, sometimes you lose your balance. I am here to help make the course a little more manageable, increase your confidence and equip you to overcome it! Through a tough love approach, I implement an all foods fit philosophy so you can ditch the rules and rigidity of dieting, begin to trust yourself with food again and start living out your dreams that have been silenced over the years.

At Embrace, you can receive support whether you are in the trenches of an eating disorder, fighting to get free of the yo-yo cycle of dieting or looking to become more attuned to your body for optimal health. Check out the options below to see which is the best fit for you or click the button below to request a complimentary discovery call.

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Figuring out a team that is right for you and your recovery journey can be a challenge and it is such an important piece to your healing.

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8-Week Series in Fredericksburg, VA and Virtual Groups

If you are ready to get rid of the constant food worry that can consume your mind every day and begin to eat without fear, guilt or shame, then consider joining one of our 8-Week Mindful Eating Workshops! This series is a NON-DIET approach that will help you make peace with food, ditch the diet mentality and finally eat the foods you love on YOUR terms, not the terms of the next diet. This group is not focused on weight or weight loss*

Upcoming Groups

September 9-October 24

November 4-December 23

Group courses are an awesome way to connect with like-minded women seeking freedom from dieting, eating disorders and weight obsessions. I will be hosting a 6-Week “Intuitive Eating Basics” Series at three different times for 2019. Check out the dates below and fill out the below form to get on the wait list!

  1. September 9-October 28 (Sign Up Here)

  2. November 4-December 23

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What if you could...

  • Be Free of food, body and weight obsessions so you can focus on YOUR priorities in life.

  • Eat with confidence, tuning into your body's rhythms so YOU are in charge of what, when and how much you eat.

  • Eat with enjoyment, not guilt so you can finally experience your favorite foods-no strings attached.

  • Finally experience freedom in moving your body so you can exercise for the FUN of it.

  • Be God focused, not food & body focused, by becoming faithfully "fit" so you can experience joy and peace.

  • Boldly walk in God's love, receiving his blessings and promises so you can experience a full & abundant life.

  • Embrace your womanly identity in Christ so you can let go of the number on the scale.

  • Live life to the fullest, RIGHT NOW.

Are you ready to break free and embrace God's love for you?

Recovery is Possible.

On the outside you show perfection, but on the inside you are hurting.

You are a powerhouse woman, a leader in your field, a multi-tasking momma, well educated and you have a heart of gold.  You hold everything together no matter the circumstance, but if your friends and family could take a peek inside your mind, they would see a different you.

The voice in your mind just won't stop

  • Telling you to compare to other women, just to strip you of your self-confidence

  • Yelling at you to follow the rules or you will "lose control" and be a "failure"

  • Convincing you that if you ever have "that body" again, life will be miserable

  • Counting, measuring, weighing and calculating

  • Worrying that you just made the wrong food choice

  • Worrying that you will never be good enough, beautiful enough, even capable of being loved

  • Worrying that if you let go of the rules and rigidity, you won't be able to deal with life

  • Worrying that if you don't lose weight you won't be respected in your job

  • Worrying that people will judge your body and your food choices

  • You fear the unknown, the life you will have without the companion of an eating disorder.

Whether you struggle with binge eating, anorexia, bulimia or cycle between any of these, it’s not your fault. Seeking help is scary, because you know you will be letting go of what has kept you safe, comfortable and protected. However, when you join forces with a non-diet dietitian you can form an unmovable foundation that will strengthen your healthy self as you slowly let go of the lies that have consumed you and move into a life of freedom, a life worth living.


Reset your focus and begin to heal your mindset. Learn skills and tools to overcome negative thinking as you finally look through the lens of hope.


Heal your body and mind as you reconnect with your hunger & fullness cues. Embrace a variety of foods without fear & anxiety.

body respect.png

Begin to show your body respect by taking your focus off weight & size. Nurture self-care strategies that help you care for your body without judgment.


Heal your relationship with movement. Find ways to move that give you life and joy without chasing after calories and weight goals.

Ready to explore your healing journey? Let’s chat!

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 Dieting always promises to give you the body you want by eliminating hunger, telling you when and what to eat and how much to exercise.  You have tried this one...and that one...and you have felt like a failure. 

YOU did not fail. 

The diet failed you.

Every diet or restricted eating leaves you confused about what you should or should not eat.  It sets you up to potentially eat more than you planned or eat to a point of discomfort-leaving you with strong emotions of guilt, shame, disgust and frustration.  So, you are determined to BURN it off through exercise.  Off to the gym you go, watching the calories tick by on the cardio machine OR you just avoid it completely because you are embarrassed about your body or simply have not seen physical activity in so long it is overwhelming to even consider. Frustrated again, you throw in the towel with the "forget it" mentality and go to the fridge or the pantry for you quickest comfort food.

Did you nod your head in agreement to any of the above?

Don't worry, you are not alone! I've even nodded my head in the past! There is an awesome solution to improving your health, eating the foods that make you feel good (without depriving yourself), moving your body because it is fun-not to punish yourself for the foods you have eaten and to live free of food obsessions!

intuitive mindful eating package.png

End the war on your body, let go of your diet mentality

In our work together you will:

  • Identify what triggers your hunger and non-hunger urges to eat

  • Choose food for enjoyment and nourishment

  • Identify the main factors that influences non-hunger eating

  • Understand how your emotions impact your food decisions

  • Learn & successfully implement strategies to overcome non-hunger urges to eat

  • Eat for optimal satisfaction & satiety

  • Explore joyful movement

  • Learn to care for your body respectfully

  • Learn basic nutrition principles to embrace gentle nutrition and body respect

  • Break free of past habits and find the optimal eating strategy to allow you to live life to the fullest

you can also expect...

  • Individual sessions (30-60 minutes each) to give laser focused attention to what you need most on you journey to food freedom

  • Weekly plan individualized to guide your action steps

    Make the 3-Month commitment and receive these additional bonuses!

  • Weekly Scripture focus to take your mind off negative thinking as you move into a confidence with God that no diet or body size can ever match. Sessions will also begin with supportive scripture and prayer.

  • A copy of the Intuitive Eating Workbook for those who sign up for the 3-month commitment.

  • Unlimited, priority communication via Voxer, Recovery Record and email (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST)

  • BONUS initial strategy session to identify your goals and get your most burning questions answered (valued at $130)

  • BONUS strategy session at the completion of your 3 month program to launch you into your next steps to success (Valued at $130)

  • BONUS complimentary access to my self-study course “6 Steps to Life Free of Food, Body and Weight Obsession.” This is a faith based course to unlock your potential of living a diet-free life and moving into a deeper walk with God. (Valued at $250)

Let’s chat and explore the best path for your journey to freedom from food, body and weight obsessions

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