I'm Kelley Raetzsch

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Your Warrior Dietitian!

By trade I am a registered dietitian & your expert in healing food relationships.  

The other side is the Warrior who will fight for your freedom from food, body and weight obsessions.  The Warrior who will fight for you to have a more intimate relationship with God, boldly walk in his love and embrace who you are in Christ. Your time is NOW to be transformed from a life consumed with food, body & weight obsessions and embrace God's love for you!

You did not fail. The diet failed you.

What if you could...

  • Be Free of food, body and weight obsessions so you can focus on YOUR priorities in life.
  • Eat with confidence, tuning into your body's rhythms so YOU are in charge of what, when and how much you eat.
  • Eat with enjoyment, not guilt so you can finally experience your favorite foods-no strings attached.
  • Finally experience freedom in moving your body so you can exercise for the FUN of it.
  • Be God focused, not food & body focused, by becoming faithfully "fit" so you can experience joy and peace.
  • Boldly walk in God's love, receiving his blessings and promises so you can experience a full & abundant life.
  • Embrace your womanly identity in Christ so you can let go of the number on the scale.
  • Live life to the fullest, RIGHT NOW.

Are you ready TO break free and embrace God's love for you?

Individual Services

online & in Person

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Initial Consultation and Goal Setting


This session is 60 minutes and includes ONE individual follow-up session for 30 minutes.

Everybody starts here.  This is the time when I aim to understand YOUR story, your history, your relationship with food, body and God (of course, only the parts you are ready to share).  This is the time when we explore your immediate goals, potential barriers to overcoming them and commit to actionable steps to move towards and achieve those goals. You will walk away with a personalized plan of action, scripture to encourage you and prayer to cover your journey. 

individual sessions

($85.00/45 minutes)

*Must have initial consultation prior to first session*

The individual session is a follow-up to your previous session.  We will celebrate success, explore struggles and barriers to achieving your goals.  This is your time to ask your most burning questions, receive laser focused coaching, explore your food & body beliefs, receive nutrition education, learn about intuitive and mindful eating, build your skills toolbox and practice using various techniques to overcome harmful or destructive thinking and behaviors. You will leave with a specific plan of action for the next week or two, including writing assignments, worksheets, and other helpful activities.

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Rise Up and Recover

VIP Coaching program

This is a 3-Month Eating Recovery Coaching program to help you RISE UP above the rules, rigidity and obsession of dieting, eating disorders and the drive to be thin. 

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Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
— Isaiah 60:1

In RISE UP you will:

  • gain confidence as you end destructive eating and exercise behaviors
  • cultivate and nurture fearless eating and begin to make peace with food
  • begin to embrace your rhythms of hunger and fullness instead dreadfully obeying food rules and rigidity
  • become your own nutrition expert as you silence the negative critical voices (you know, the food police)
  • find your self-compassionate voice to guide you into normal and intuitive eating

what you get:

  • Initial consultation included (60 minutes)
  • TWO coaching calls per month, 45 minutes each (Via phone, web-based or in office),
  • Priority response from me via Voxer (walkie talkie app) Monday-Friday (8am-5pm) where I will be available to answer your questions, challenge & encourage your eating recovery journey and provide detailed assignments to unlock your freedom from food, body and weight obsessions. 
  • If needed we will gently implement meal plans and structure to provide enhanced support as you RISE UP over your fears and frustrations and nurture self-confidence as you heal your food and body relationship.
  • **BONUS** A relationship with God that is strong and unwavering is sometimes a challenge when fighting for recovery.  We will incorporate Biblical truth, bible studies and prayer throughout our sessions. 
  • **BONUS** Weekly review of food/feelings log and goal setting through Recovery Record app.
  • **BONUS**  Copy of the book Intuitive Eating or 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder

**This package is for those newly diagnosed with an eating disorder, in recovery from an eating disorder, struggling to end chronic dieting or those who have difficulty know what, when and how much to eat!


Let's make sure we are a good fit! sign up for a complimentary clarity call!

monthly focus topics

specific topics/assignments will be individualized

  • Month 1
    • Mastering Mindset: unlocking your powerful, mind of Christ so you can confidently challenge negative thought patterns and experience powerful change
    • Assessment of current food patterns.  Strategies to start moving away from destructive food & thought behaviors (if needed) and introduction to intuitive eating
    • Body Wise- Understanding body image and your story
    • Motivations to move-assessing your current relationship with physical activity and begin to restore it to it's most supportive place in your life
    • Faith Talk- Exploring the Religion of Thinness
    • Implementation week to practice your new mindset and patterns
  • Month 2
    • Mastering Mindset: exploring your inner critic and finding your empowered voice so you can experience your day without being beat down by negative thinking
    • Nurturing compassionate self-care and making peace with food
    • Body Wise- Uncover how you talk about your body and how it impacts your eating and exercise patterns.
    • Mindful movement challenge- strategic sessions to explore your connection to your body through movement that is new to you
    • Faith Talk- Challenging Fear and Doubt
    • Implementation week to practice your new mindset and patterns.
  • Month 3
    • Mastering Mindset: Tossing the rigid diet rules and exploring your rhythms of hunger
    • Nurturing peace with food-strategy session to understand & embrace unconditional permission to eat
    • Body Wise- The Selfie Story--without the edits
    • Mindful movement challenge- exploring intensity (you may be in position to increase intensity, but your body may also be begging for you to slow down)
    • Faith Talk- God's Love for YOU; receiving His blessings and promises
    • Implementation week to practice your new mindset and patterns.

Are you ready to RISE UP? Schedule a clarity call to ask your burning questions about the program, identify 1-2 specific goals and create an action plan to move towards them.  Let's chat to see if RISE UP is right for you!

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