I first met Kelley in 2008 in my first specialized treatment for anorexia. She was my RD; the person with hardest job from my perspective as she was the one who had to help me restore my body to a healthy place. She had the determination and guts to challenge my eating disorder and the flexibility and heart to really listen when I asked her to discuss my progress concretely and with numbers during my stay. It was encouraging to have someone pray for me and with me and to model God’s grace and love. The other piece that made a huge difference then and with being in recovery today was how she modeled self acceptance. I never once heard her criticize her body or label a food as good or bad. To have a woman close in age to me model that self love has had a profound impact on me learning to love myself. From Kelley I learned accountability, trust, acceptance and saw God’s love. Because of her being willing to challenge me and love me I’m not only alive to today but truly living.
— Sara G.

Before working with Kelley, I had a terrible problem with binge eating at night primarily. I had tried numerous diets and even a few nutritionists before Kelley, and nothing seemed to work. I had several health concerns as well as self esteem issues that would certainly not improve if I didn’t seek out help. As a result of working with Kelley, I was freed from the constraints and negativity of dieting. I began to view food as neither good or bad, but rather as something to be respected. Kelley gave me tons of positive feedback as well as strategies for dealing with my night time eating. I no longer binge as much at night, and enjoy a healthy regard for food. Kelley is kind and compassionate; knowledgeable in her field of expertise. One thing that really impressed me about Kelley was her ability to retain even small details of previous visits without consulting her notes. This made me feel like I was getting personalized, individual attention. For anyone seeking help with an eating disorder, I highly recommend Kelley as an invaluable resource and a caring dietitian.
— Rebecca (former client)

I have been an anorexic and compulsive exerciser for more than 20 years. When I went to see Kelley, I was so severely ill that many other dietitians likely wouldn’t have treated me. However, Kelley has never given up hope for me. She has vigorously fought for me, alongside me, and on my behalf. She’s had faith in me and my ability to recover when even I had none. She coordinated care with other providers and even helped my husband understand my disorder. I’ve worked with a lot of dietitians. Others saw me as a series of digits on the scale and numbers on the measuring tape. True, Kelley kept stock of these stats—but I believe she saw me first and foremost as a child of God. Other dietitians concerned themselves with “fixing” me by adding calories and the right micro and macro nutrients. Of course, with Kelley, we did meal planning. However, she recognized that it wasn’t just my body that was hungry—it was my spirit. We worked together to heal my eating disorder and my broken relationship with God. Kelley is by far the best dietitian I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She also happens to be one of the most inspirational women I have the privilege to know.
— Melanie (former client)

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— Stephanie, Philippines

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