8-Weeks to  Master Your Eating Decisions

YOu are ready to break free from the burdens of dieting.

you are ready to trust yourself with food.

you want to move your body because you care for it.


You want these things, but how do you get them?  Dieting always promises to give you the body you want by eliminating hunger, telling you when and what to eat and how much to exercise.  You have tried this one...and that one...and you have felt like a failure.  YOU did not fail.  The diet failed you. Every diet or restricted eating leaves you confused about what you should or should not eat.  It sets you up to potentially eat more than you planned or eat to a point of discomfort-leaving you with strong emotions of guilt, shame, disgust and frustration.  So, you are determined to BURN it off through exercise.  Off to the gym you go, watching the calories tick by on the cardio machine OR you just avoid it completely because you are embarrassed about your body or simply have not seen physical activity in so long it is overwhelming to even consider. Frustrated again, you throw in the towel with the "forget it" mentality and go to the fridge or the pantry for you quickest comfort food.

Did you nod your head in agreement to any of the above?

Don't worry, you are not alone! I've even nodded my head in the past! There is an awesome solution to improving your health, eating the foods that make you feel good (without depriving yourself), moving your body because it is fun-not to punish yourself for the foods you have eaten and to live free of food obsessions!


Start the New Year With a New  Mindset

Eat what you love. Love what you eat.

in 8 weeks you will...

  • Identify what triggers your hunger and non-hunger urges to eat
  • Choose food for enjoyment and nourishment
  • Identify the 3 main factors that influences non-hunger eating
  • Understand how your emotions impact your food decisions
  • Learn & successfully implement strategies to overcome non-hunger urges to eat
  • Eat for optimal satisfaction & satiety
  • Explore joyful movement
  • Learn to care for your body respectfully
  • Learn basic nutrition principles to consider without judgement
  • Break free of past habits and find the optimal eating strategy to allow you to live life to the fullest

you can also expect...

  • 60 minute introductory session
  • bi-weekly coaching sessions (60 minutes each, total of 4 sessions)
  • Weekly emails recapping action steps and providing extra support and encouragement
  • Weekly "Mindful Moment", a gentle reminder on implementing what you learn and practicing self-care
  • A copy of the book "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat"
  • Awareness Journal to improve understanding of your experiences with food

I am ready to Master My Eating Decisions!

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