Master Your Eating Decisions


You have completed or almost completed the 8-Week Master Your Eating Decisions-Mindful Eating Course.  You have taken a powerful step in reclaiming a healthy relationship with food, movement and your body so that you can LIVE without food controlling you! You are beginning to ask "Am I hungry?" a little more consistently and you are starting to consider other reasons you are eating that are not from hunger. 

"But, I haven't completed many actions steps..."

This is the number one concern participants express to me throughout the course and at the conclusion. There is so much information to consider, process and implement and it IS hard to move through it all in 8-weeks. Not only do you have the major THINK material to help you change your mindset and behavior, but each week contains a powerful NOURISH and LIVE action step to take you further on the journey to your best health. You have a lot going on in your life and it is hard to remember to take care of your needs and goals. 

Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

God's Word shows us the importance of being there for one another and that is exactly what I want to do for you.  Would you be more likely to see change if you had:

  • daily encouragement so that you can remember your motivation & priorities and see change happen
  • weekly and daily action steps, specific to your current needs so that will not lose focus of your goals
  • guided coaching through voice messaging so that you can receive feedback the same day (multiple times throughout the day)
  • priority email support to get further questions and concerns answered
  • monthly 1:1 coaching call so that you can dive more deeply into taking care of yourself, identifying your true needs and setting up a plan of action

Okay, you got it! 

4-Month Master Your Eating Decisions

Coaching Package


  • Explore and identify the “Why” behind your eating patterns

  • Begin to consistently ask “Am I Hungry” and be accountable to your choices for when you decide to eat

  • Daily encouragement/reminders to ask AIH? And to log your response & associated feelings/ action worksheet provided


  • Continue to ask AIH before eating

  • Create redirection toolbox

  • Identify self-care food free zones

  • Pay attention to when you are NOT hungry and begin to implement “redirect attention” and “Meet Your True Needs” more consistently and effectively

  • Strategize options for meeting true needs


  • Continue to work on responding to non-hunger urges to eat

  • Implement the hunger scale when you say “Yes, I am hungry”

  • Begin to identify your true hunger level and practice leaving a meal comfortably full

WEEKS 7-10

  • Begin to explore the “What” decision point and become confident in your decisions

  • Tune into what you really want, what is available and what you need

  • Explore new recipes

WEEKS 11&12

  • Intentionally set up your eating environment for optimal enjoyment and mindfulness

  • Recognize eating pace

WEEKS 13&14

  • Begin to strategize and implement an intentional fullness rating

  • Be released of excess food

  • Begin to say “no” to more food if you are comfortably full

WEEKS 15&16

  • Full practice of going through the instinctive eating cycle

  • Learn how to re-enter the instinctive eating cycle if you found yourself overeating or under eating

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

Ephesians 4:9-12

Making permanent change is hard. You have probably tried it on your own and possibly "fallen off the tracks", which lead you to frustration and hopelessness. 

Dear sister, I am here to walk with you, fight with you and lift you up when you fall (or even catch you before it happens!)

**For each group of weeks, you may also choose a specific action step from each module from our group webinar. It is important to be realistic about how many things you are working on at one time. So, you can add a nutrition and/or exercise action point if you are ready to make change in those areas. You may want to focus on ONE area for the first two months (such as increase amount of water consumption).

**You will receive approximately 90 minutes of support each month. You will have priority support through email, Voxer (voice communication app). I will be in touch daily Monday-Friday. You will receive additional support material as needed to simplify your follow-through and encourage change.

**Scripture and use of the Christian Companion Guide will be utilized and implemented each week.

4-Month Support Package

$480 (actual value is $690)

Bonus Add-On

Additional coaching CALL, 30 minutes/month

$150 (actual value is $230)


**One Time Investment of $630**

purchase by August 3rd to receive this SPECIAL OFFER

(Price goes up to $920 August 4th!)


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