Ditch the Scale for Intuitive Eating Success

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So let's talk about that scale.

Do you have one?

Do you use it?

How many times a day?

How many times a week?

You know, I have some clients that maybe it's once a month. I have others where it's four or five times a day. And what happens is that scale becomes an identifier. What I mean by that is my client's identity gets wrapped up in the number on the scale. It's that what you do? Does the scale define your success, your worth or your value as a person? Do you let the scale tell you whether or not you will have a good day or a bad day?

If you step on it and your weight's up, how's your day going to go? Maybe it motivates you to get more on top of your, your diet regimen, right? Or if you lost weight, you celebrate, and then you permit yourself to eat. You can have permission to eat regardless of what the number on the scale says. And when you give yourself that permission to eat, then you open up the door of opportunity to experience freedom with food. It takes time, right? It takes time. It takes practice. Maybe even working with a professional who's trained in the area, sometimes just reading a book or listening to things like this isn't quite enough. You need a little bit more help.

I want you to think about your relationship with the scale. Would you say it's a good relationship or is it one that is full of negativity, frustration, embarrassment, judgment, shame, and all those negative things that can come with that negative self-talk.

Does it lead you to kind of bash your body and not like the way your body looks? And with that then drives you to want to diet or restrict food? If so, I would say you don't have a really good relationship with food and the scale.

I want to offer a free guide. It's the four steps to freedom from the scale so that you can stop obsessing about it and you can put more of your focus and energy back into cultivating that relationship with God, the loving Lord who created you a masterpiece in his eyes.

Don’t pass it up…sign up below to get your free guide!

I hope that it is helpful to you in helping you just to kind of release the chains of that obsession to the scale to have the shackles come off your ankles and be released.

You don't need the scale to tell you how good of a person you are and what you're worth. It just shows you that gravitational pull on her body, which is your number. Just like getting your blood pressure judge shows you a data point.

Now, go tell your scale you are ready to break up!

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