Image Based Idolatry

statue debate.png

"You shall have no other gods before me."

Exodus 20:3

There has been a lot of struggle, fighting, disagreement and outright hatred recently here on the east coast of the US. I often find myself taking current events and situations and applying them to the work I do with my clients.  So, that brings us to the statues or idols that drive individuals to extreme measures with food, exercise, the scale and body image.  This is a fight I will come full force, equipped and ready to battle with you and for you as you tear down the image based statues of your life. This is the statue of the perfect body, thinness, a fit body, whatever size and shape it is that you are fantasizing about and putting at the front of your life.

You are more than a number.

3 Steps to tearing down your image based idols.

1. End the comparison game by renewing your mind

You may be like many women (and men) that I work with, focusing on what you don't have, what you don't like about your body and what the world says you "should" look like. This keeps your mind trapped in the ways of the world, stuck in the cycle of negativity and forgetting your true identity as a child of God. I challenge you to share how you will renew your mind by commenting on the pinned post on FB.  CLICK HERE to share!

2. Nurture you body through mindful & intuitive eating practice

When you practice compassionate self care through mindful nourishment, you take off the dieting shackles that hold you slave to the scale and the push for weight change.  You are more able to connect to your body's rhythms of hunger & fullness as you move away from the rigid rules of dieting.  You are more FREE to live a full and abundant life that you have been designed to experience!

3. Throw away your scale

Too often we place the bathroom scale on a pedestal, bowing down to it's power every morning, maybe at noon and night as well.  We are slave to it, allowing it to control our emotions, self-worth, eating and exercise patterns. Maybe you are not ready to totally toss it.  I get it!  I once used to watch that number carefully afraid of it changing and believing I was a better woman if I stayed a certain weight. LIES.  All of that is a lie to take my attention off my true identity as a mighty warrior and child of God. Who do you want to serve: the thin ideal or God?

You are loved & accepted

I'm glad you stopped by and pray you begin to tear down your image based idols!  If you would like a little bit of support, grab the action plan!



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