Intuitive Eating Success Requires Progress Not Perfection

Often we are seeking some form of perfection.

Whether we're eating perfectly with our food, exercising perfectly, a perfect body, a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, or the perfect family. The perfect… whatever you want to insert.

In the pursuit of happiness and weight loss, you may pursue a perfect food relationship. Or, are you seeking peace in your life and hoping that fixing your body will give you that?

Finding Your Life In Christ, Not The Scale

Have you ever considered that your relationship with food and your body may be one of captivity or that you may be bound up by rules, rigidity and fantasy thinking in the prison of pursuing weight loss? Friend, I stand firmly rooted in Christ to proclaim His truth in your life and to encourage you to seek liberty and your breakout from the diet prison. You are meant for more than chasing a number on the scale and a body size that fits the calling of society’s standards. You are meant to have a life in Christ, but what does that even mean?!

Intuitive Eating Success: Build a Team and Ignore the Naysayers

You get to be the captain of your team. You get to be the one the show because it's your body. It's your journey with food and your relationship with yourself and your relationship with God. I want to encourage you to think about who's around you, who are supporting you in this journey. Is it folks that are still trying to dabble in weight loss? Many of my clients have those friends still, and when they're together, their friends are counting calories, or they're talking about how much weight they've gained or how successful they've been losing weight.

Intuitive Eating Supplies: Non-Judgmental Curiosity & Self Gentleness

Think about the last time you wanted one of your favorite foods. Was it a bakery item or a delicious dessert? You might look at it and think, "oh, I shouldn't have that. I haven't had enough exercise today" or "Oh, I can't have that. I had a doughnut at breakfast" or "that has too many calories in it, too many carbs in it." That's a lot of judgment on the food item. With that kind of judgment on food, we place judgment on ourselves.

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