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Intuitive Eating Essentials

Thriving, Not dieting through the Holidays

Hosted by Kelley Raetzsch, RD

Your Eating Recovery Coach & Non-Diet Dietitian 


Holidays are stressful, food doesn't have to be

By now you have probably spent most of 2018 frustrated that you don't have the body you want and have wasted your time, money & energy on another diet, more supplements and painful exercise.  

Feeling guilty when you eat "bad" foods, having increased body dissatisfaction, feeling confused about what to eat and trying to "look healthy" on your social media is keeping you stuck in the all familiar yo-yo dieting cycle.  There's a better way to be healthy with food and your body!

Thriving, Not Dieting Through the Holidays

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Dieting always promises to give you the body you want by eliminating hunger, telling you when and what to eat and how much to exercise.  You have tried this one...and that one...and you have felt like a failure.  YOU did not fail.  The diet failed you. Every diet or restricted eating leaves you confused about what you should or should not eat.  It sets you up to potentially eat more than you planned or eat to a point of discomfort-leaving you with strong emotions of guilt, shame, disgust and frustration.  So, you are determined to BURN it off through exercise.  Off to the gym you go, watching the calories tick by on the cardio machine OR you just avoid it completely because you are embarrassed about your body or simply have not seen physical activity in so long it is overwhelming to even consider. Frustrated again, you throw in the towel with the "forget it" mentality and go to the fridge or the pantry for you quickest comfort food.


Hi there!  I'm Kelley Raetzsch, "Warrior Dietitian." I consider myself a warrior who is fighting with you and for you to be free from food, body & weight obsessions so you can live the full and & abundant life that is waiting for you.  I know the holidays are tough, which is why I created the 6-week course "Intuitive Eating Essentials."  This course is designed to help you:

  • Identify what triggers your hunger and non-hunger urges to eat
  • Choose food for enjoyment and nourishment
  • Identify the main factors that influences non-hunger eating
  • Understand how your emotions impact your food decisions & finally cope without using food
  • Learn & successfully implement strategies to overcome non-hunger urges to eat
  • Eat for optimal satisfaction & satiety
  • Learn to care for your body respectfully
  • Learn basic nutrition principles to embrace gentle nutrition and body respect
  • Break free of past habits and find the optimal eating strategy to allow you to live life to the fullest
  • Explore movement for fun & pleasure, not punishment and reward
  • Let go of food worry and the number on the scale
  • Be free to be you and choose the foods that truly satisfy

Program Details


November 12-December 10

8:00pm EDT-9:00pm EDT


Join us from the comfort of your own home, in a coffee shop...wherever you and your favorite device want to settle in to learn.  This is a web-based group using the video conferencing platform Zoom.


6 weeks of live (Virtual) interactive learning sessions & two BONUS group coaching calls. Don't worry if you miss one, sessions will be recorded and sent out in the weekly wrap up email. Access to the "Intuitive Eating Essentials" Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support! You will also receive power-packed worksheets to help you unlock your freedom with food!

Week 1: intuitive eating introduction

  • Why take a non-diet approach to health & well-being
  • Yes, you can be healthier without losing weight
  • Debunking myths about weight and dieting
  • Foundations for rejecting the diet mentality

Week 2: challenge the food police

  • Learn to silence the instigator of your inner war with food & your body
  • Develop nonjudgmental awareness of your thoughts
  • Evaluate you belief system about food and your body
  • Eliminate destructive food rules
  • Spiral of healing-getting out of judgmental self-talk
  • **BONUS WEEK** Additional one hour group coaching call!

Week 3: Make Peace with food

  • Understanding "unconditional permission to eat"
  • Identify fears to allowing yourself to eat food without rules
  • Explore readiness to make peace with eating the foods you truly desire
  • Create a safe environment to explore making peace with food
  • Practice eating your formerly forbidden foods

Week 4: Honor your hunger

  • Body cue awareness
  • Self-care for improved hunger awareness
  • Getting to know your hunger
  • Is it physical, emotional or mental hunger
  • Stay nourished, regulate hunger

week 5: Feel your fullness, understand satisfaction

  • Get connected to fullness sensations
  • Be intentional about how you want to feel after eating
  • Learn to say no
  • Understand the importance of honoring satisfaction & pleasure with eating
  • Explore your last bite threshold
  • **BONUS WEEK** one hour group coaching call!

week 6: cope with food without using food

  • Understand what drives your appetite
  • Explore how emotional eating is impacted by lack of self-care
  • Learn to assess your emotions and how this triggers the urge to eat when not hungry
  • Build up your coping skills to limit emotional eating
  • Use self-care, nurturance and compassion to heal your food & body relationship

Early Bird Rate


(Sign up by September 17)

Rate increases to $299 on September 24

full price rate of $399 begins october 15.





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