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Imagine an eating pattern that leaves you energized and feeling your best, without feeling shame or guilt.

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Imagine eating without rules, rigidity and dieting. Imagine eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are satisfied…most of the time.

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Imagine focusing on your health without focusing on weight…a focus that honors your body with a gentle approach to nutrition.

Kelley Raetzsch is a non-diet dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Kelley Raetzsch is a non-diet dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, but don’t know where or how to start living a diet free life?

Join Kelley Raetzsch, non-diet dietitian and eating recovery coach for a 6-week journey that will help you:

  • Make peace with food so you can stop obsessing about whether or not you “made the right choice.”

  • Ditch diet mentality and free up your mental, physical and emotional energy to focus on YOUR most important goals & desires.

  • Reconnect with your hunger and fullness cues and nurture your internal guidance system to make food choices that leave you satisfied and feeling your best.

  • Learn to cope with life’s biggest obstacles…without turning to food.

  • Overcome emotional eating so you get your true needs met, without feeling stuffed.

  • Begin to move your body because you care for it, not because your doctor, friends, family or diet say you have to do it.


Mondays September 9-October 14, 6:30pm-7:30pm


Radco Building 3302 Bourbon St. Fredericksburg, VA


Women and men who are ready to break from food and weight obsessions.


6-Week group focused on the non-diet principles of Intuitive Eating. Practical tips, strategies and activities to begin a life time of living diet free.


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Weekly Workshop Agenda

WEEK ONE: “Permission”

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  • Take a breath and begin to exhale all the harm and negativity dieting has caused you.

  • Finally understand why diet backlash occurs and how to avoid the pitfalls of dieting.

  • Using the Eating Assessment, you will uncover your eating style-pros and cons-and begin to make a path towards normalizing your eating patterns.

  • We will decode your diet mentality, identify harmful thoughts, tools and patterns that keep you stuck in the “one last diet trap.”

  • Understand the importance of self-compassion in healing your food relationship.

  • This is the week we begin to make peace with food.

WEEK TWO: “Peace with the Food Police”

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  • Building on the first week, we will dig deeper into peace with food and unwrap “unconditional permission to eat.” This will help you rebuild trust with yourself and food again.

  • Understand the forbidden fruit phenomenon.

  • Habituation and how it takes away “the magic of food.”

  • Identify your food police and nurture your nutrition ally to find a balance of eating the foods you love & improving health without fear, guilt and shame.

WEEK THREE: “Honor Hunger & Respect Fullness”

  • Finally learn to recognize your hunger and respond in a way that honors YOUR needs. No longer be afraid of your hunger.

  • Dieting has likely silenced your hunger or caused it to be quite confusing. Learn how to get it back!

  • Learn how to respect your fullness as you develop the practice of conscious eating.

  • Identify your last bite threshold and feel empowered as food loses it’s power over you.

WEEK FOUR: “Cope With Emotions & Life-Without Using Food”

  • Understand how your emotions may be driving your eating & identify your emotional triggers.

  • Explore your physical sensations of various emotions and better understand how to respond without food.

  • Begin to realize your TRUE needs and implement new ways to get those needs met.

WEEK FIVE: “Nurturing Body Respect”

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  • This week dives into a mindset reset. You will begin to silence your negative inner critic as your nurture a supportive champion.

  • Understand the harm in body bashing, fat-talk, body checking and preparing for the “next big event.”

  • Cultivate a self-care routine that allows you to exist more comfortably in the body you have now.

WEEK SIX: “Made to Move-Finding Joy in Movement”

  • Toss the rigid rules of exercise.

  • Not a fan of the gym? No problem! Finally move your body in a way that FEELS good (Nope, you don’t have to punish yourself doing things you don’t like!)

  • Identify your motivations to move and explore new activities

  • Instead of being calorie focused, you will learn to focus on how your body and mind feel!

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Kelley Raetzsch, RD

Non-Diet Dietitian and Eating Recovery Coach

Well, first and foremost I am a Child of God.  I don't always act or think like I am, but I do KNOW that I am and I am a work in progress.  

I am a wife and a mother

To three sweet darlings that God has blessed me with. Professionally, I am a registered dietitian who seeks to help women break free from the bondage of food, body and weight obsessions. However, I am really starting to see that I am truly a....TRANSFORMER! You heard correctly. :) My God given superpower is to help individuals break free from the bondage of dieting & eating disorders and empower them to boldly walk in God's Love and embrace who they are in Christ.

You see, I have always been passionate

For helping others and trying to make others happy (though my mother may dispute this a little bit). Has there ever been anyone in your life that made you want to do something to help? For me, it was my daddy who had diabetes.  I chose a path of nutrition to help others manage their diabetes and live their best life! Well, guess what?! God had another plan and ultimately He landed me here!

By way of a postcard in 2008

God sent me to work at Remuda Ranch in Milford, Virginia.  At the time, this was a Christian based program for treating eating disorders.  Can I tell you how terrified I was?!  I did not know too much about eating disorders and I was not real comfortable in my faith yet, including praying.  BUT, that was a major part of my job description! I did not grow up in church and only came to know the Lord when I was in college, yeah back in 2001.  A dear friend convinced me to go with him.  I did. I accepted Jesus and the rest is history. Well, not really!  I actually wound up moving more into sin than more into God. Crazy, huh?! I know I am not alone in that story.  Thankfully I serve a Mighty God who saves and forgives! Really, when God sent the postcard in 2008 was really the beginning of my closer walk with him.  He equipped me to be a mighty prayer warrior, an intercessor and a fighter for His Kingdom.

My Philosophy

As I have grown and learned more about Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating, I now provide a non-diet, all foods fit approach. Now, everyone has individual needs, including medical needs, that may require more specific nutrition approaches within this non-diet framework. While recognizing not all bodies are the same, I say “all bodies are good bodies” and are deserving of quality care and respect. Weight loss is not a focus in my practice. Some may experience weight changes throughout normalizing their relationship with food & body. However, I do not prescribe weight loss plans.

My hope is that you will be able to make true peace with food and your body. I pray and hope you will find freedom so that you have the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy to experience the promise of a full an abundant life.

Are you in? There is no time like the present to finally say good-bye to diets. Get the support you need to break free and start healing your food and body relationships. Click below to save your space.

See you September 9!

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