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Thriving, Not Dieting

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Dieting always promises to give you the body you want by eliminating hunger, telling you when and what to eat and how much to exercise.  You have tried this one...and that one...and you have felt like a failure. 

YOU did not fail. 

The diet failed you.

Every diet or restricted eating leaves you confused about what you should or should not eat.  It sets you up to potentially eat more than you planned or eat to a point of discomfort-leaving you with strong emotions of guilt, shame, disgust and frustration.  So, you are determined to BURN it off through exercise.  Off to the gym you go, watching the calories tick by on the cardio machine OR you just avoid it completely because you are embarrassed about your body or simply have not seen physical activity in so long it is overwhelming to even consider. Frustrated again, you throw in the towel with the "forget it" mentality and go to the fridge or the pantry for you quickest comfort food.


6 Month Faith Based Intuitive Eating Coaching Group

Hi there!  I'm Kelley Raetzsch, "Warrior Dietitian." I consider myself a warrior who is fighting with you and for you to be free from food, body & weight obsessions so you can live the full and & abundant life that is waiting for you.  Navigating a world that is full of messages to diet and be thin can be confusing and frustrating, which is why I put together this faith-based course. This course is designed to help you:

  • Identify what triggers your hunger and non-hunger urges to eat

  • Choose food for enjoyment and nourishment

  • Identify the main factors that influences non-hunger eating

  • Understand how your emotions impact your food decisions & finally cope without using food

  • Learn & successfully implement strategies to overcome non-hunger urges to eat

  • Eat for optimal satisfaction & satiety

  • Learn to care for your body respectfully

  • Understand basic nutrition principles to embrace gentle nutrition and body respect

  • Break free of past habits and find the optimal eating strategy to allow you to live life to the fullest

  • Explore movement for fun & pleasure, not punishment and reward

  • Let go of food worry and the number on the scale

  • Be free to be you and choose the foods that truly satisfy

Welcome to Breakthrough

Program Details

(this is a 6 Month coaching group)

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Foundational Biblical Truth

The world tells we are not good enough, beautiful enough, thin enough and this is simply not true. Enough is enough! It is time to embrace your identity as a child of God, to walk in your calling and live joyfully as you experience the promise of a full and abundant life. (John 10:10) Your healing from food and body obsession will be enhanced as you allow God’s truth to be part of your journey. We will have a weekly scripture focus to align with our weekly coursework and challenge the way you think…to move you towards being “transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

Evidenced Based Coursework

We will have a weekly lesson to learn and embrace the principles of “Intuitive Eating.” You will receive weekly assignments to deepen your understanding, challenge your old patterns and move into confident eating. The Intuitive Eating work has been studied, tested and shown to be effective in improving your relationship with food and improving health!

A supportive tribe of like minded women

Letting go of dieting can be hard, scary and lonely. I have chosen a group format to allow like-minded women of faith to come together for support and encouragement. You are not alone in your struggles with food and body image. By sharing your journey with others, you will inspire and be inspired to breakthrough the chains of food, body & weight obsession. You will have opportunity to pray for each other, share scripture, share victories and move into complete freedom!

Personalized Coaching/Q&A Calls

Each week, you will receive a group call in our Facebook group or using Zoom. This will be a a teaching on one principle of Intuitive Eating with time for questions and answers. The bonus part of our work is the PRIORITY access to coaching from me using Voxer or email. You will have access to coaching Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm. I will check in several times a day and answer your questions, uplift you, support you, provide specific coaching tailored to your individual food freedom journey and help you navigate this process with strength and confidence.

Here’s what other women like you are saying:

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What You Get:

  1. This 6 Month Program kicks off October 2019 and runs through March 2020

  2. Complimentary 60 minute initial consultation. This call will set the stage for your success. We will unpack your dieting history, explore your immediate goals, identify success blockers and create an actionable plan tailored to your style of goal setting. ($150 value)

  3. Monthly 1:1 coaching calls. Each month you will have a one hour coaching call to dive a little deeper into your challenges & motivations. We will create and modify your individual success path! (valued at $900)

  4. Daily access to me, your Intuitive Eating Coach, via voxer or email (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST).This will be like having a coach in your pocket so you can feel supported daily, throughout the day. Do you have an unexpected scenario you want to plan for before attending? Send me a message and we can brainstorm. Did you choose food that led to guilt and shame and you need reassurance? I’ve got you covered with loving support. (valued at $1200)

  5. Twice Monthly (LIVE) Group Webinar Teachings on Intuitive Eating Principles and complimentary Intuitive Eating workbook to help you debunk all the dieting myths and be empowered to find and use a confident voice. This new voice will guide you towards respecting and nurturing your body to good health without focusing on numbers, without fear and guilt, and without worrying about what others might think. (Can’t make it to the webinar? No worries, there will be a replay available!) (valued at $600)

  6. Membership lounge to access video trainings, additional worksheets to unlock your freedom journey, weekly bible study & teaching and a faith-based sisterhood where you will feel supported & encouraged! (valued at $800)

  7. Weekly email summary with mindset focus to uplevel your intentions and actions…get focused, stay focused.

Investment and Application

Make one payment of

$2999 and Save!

OR 6 payments of $574

$735 in Additional Bonuses!

Bonus # 1

Welcome package with an inspirational t-shirt from and a copy of the devotional “Beautiful Me: Believing God’s Truth About You” by Stasi Eldredge (value $40.00)

Bonus # 2

Sign up by September 21st and receive an additional 3 hours of personalized coaching throughout the 6-months. You will be able to use this at any point during our group. (valued at $525)

Bonus #3

A complimentary copy of the “Ultimate Diet Detox” This e-book is 21-days of detoxing your diet mindset and moving into a diet-free life…yeah, not a typical detox, but the most effective one you will see! ($15 Value)

Bonus #4

Complimentary menu planning service, complete with grocery list and meal prep tips. Let’s explore your favorite foods and make your life simpler with a plan that supports your health and minimizes the “what’s for dinner” dilemma. ($300 value)

Bonus #5

Complimentary access to the membership group “Chiseled: Unveiling God’s Masterpiece in You, Not a Number on the Scale. This is a supportive group with additional resources and trainings to increase your success! ($180 value)

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More about Kelley…

I am a wife and a mother

To three sweet darlings that God has blessed me with. Professionally, I am a registered dietitian who seeks to help women break free from the bondage of food, body and weight obsessions. However, I am really starting to see that I am truly a....TRANSFORMER! You heard correctly. :) My God given superpower is to help individuals break free from the bondage of dieting & eating disorders and empower them to boldly walk in God's Love and embrace who they are in Christ.

You see, I have always been passionate

For helping others and trying to make others happy (though my mother may dispute this a little bit). Has there ever been anyone in your life that made you want to do something to help? For me, it was my daddy who had diabetes.  I chose a path of nutrition to help others manage their diabetes and live their best life! Well, guess what?! God had another plan and ultimately He landed me here!

By way of postcard in 2008

God sent me to work at Remuda Ranch in Milford, Virginia.  At the time, this was a Christian based program for treating eating disorders.  Can I tell you how terrified I was?!  I did not know too much about eating disorders and I was not real comfortable in my faith yet, including praying.  BUT, that was a major part of my job description! I did not grow up in church and only came to know the Lord when I was in college, yeah back in 2001.  A dear friend convinced me to go with him.  I did. I accepted Jesus and the rest is history. Well, not really!  I actually wound up moving more into sin than more into God. Crazy, huh?! I know I am not alone in that story.  Thankfully I serve a Mighty God who saves and forgives! Really, when God sent the postcard in 2008 was really the beginning of my closer walk with him.  He equipped me to be a mighty prayer warrior, an intercessor and a fighter for His Kingdom.

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You deserve freedom and healing.

I know you may be having doubts that this will “work.” If you commit yourself to learning, growing, be patient with yourself and allowing others to walk beside you…you WILL move towards freedom from guilt, shame, frustration, confusion, fear and worry about food and your body.

Let’s join hands, laugh together, cry together, pray together, encourage and uplift each other. This is YOUR year. This is YOUR time. Come, enter into your breakthrough!

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