You are probably here because your patterns of dieting, food elimination or restriction, hiding food, counting calories, weighing & measuring food or binge eating are consuming your life. Or you may be tired of missing fun times with friends and family so you can exercise, You want to stop of being constantly consumed by thoughts of food, weight and your body, which have completely stripped you of living a full and vibrant life. You are thinking about making a change and it is SCARY to consider letting go of these patterns. I applaud you. Yes, I applaud you. It is likely that you have turned to these patterns as a way to protect yourself or to cope with life and the emotions that come with it. Let’s explore working together to help you find freedom!

Whether you are seeking to break the chains of an eating disorder or step off the diet roller coaster, you can make powerful changes. Experience freedom and a life worth living!

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Finally understand why you have a love/hate relationship with food. Learn how to put dieting behind you for good and confidently choose foods without fear, guilt or shame. Experience freedom with food so you can focus on your family, chasing your dreams and walking in your calling.

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Restore your relationship with movement. Learn how to stop running after calories. Instead, enjoy trying life giving activities that bring you joy and confidence. Experience moving your body because you care for it, not because you hate it.

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Gain skills and tools to overcome negative thinking and harmful self-talk. Begin to cultivate affirming statements of truth about your body and your abilities. Uncover the food & weight myths that have confused you and get reconnected to your hunger and fullness.

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For those who are ready, a faith-based approached, using prayer & scripture (in a loving, non-judging way) can be incorporated to their care. If this is not you, no worries! You will still receive loving support on your journey to freedom from food, body and weight obsessions.

Your value is not determined

by what you eat, what you weigh or how much you exercise! You are made for more than a life spent chasing a number to achieve temporary happiness or perceived acceptance by others. You have a voice and dreams that are begging to be set free.


You are more than a number.

Hi, I’m Kelley! I am Registered “Warrior” Dietitian and I fight with you and for you to be free of food, body and weight obsessions so you can experience the promise of a full and abundant life. You are loved and accepted. You are more than a number!

Are you ready to:

  1. Gain confidence as you end destructive eating and exercise behaviors

  2. Cultivate and nurture fearless eating and begin to make peace with food

  3. Begin to embrace your rhythms of hunger and fullness instead dreadfully obeying food rules and rigidity

  4. Become your own nutrition expert as you silence the negative critical voices (you know, the food police)

  5. Find your self-compassionate voice to guide you into normal and intuitive eating

It is time to walk in the love that is freely yours. Join forces with a faith-based and non-diet dietitian to conquer the lies that you are not loved, accepted or worthwhile. Break free from the burdens of food, body and weight obsessions and see yourself through a lens that will confidently give you body respect as you learn to nurture and nourish your body, mind and spirit.


Hi there!

I'm Kelley Raetzsch

(sounds like "Rachel" without the "el")

Registered Dietitian by trade

But I like to think of myself as a Transformer, not really like the comic book ones, but let me tell you, I have some really amazing superpowers that are way more awesome than what you see in the movies.  My powers are really God working through me to help you learn to trust your own body, your own hunger and fullness rhythms, and move away from the rules and rigidity of dieting. 

I help transform your life

From one consumed with food, body and weight obsessions to a LIFE where you are truly free to live. By helping you learn to trust your body, your own rhythms of hunger and fullness, not the rules and rigidity of diets, you will embrace what dieting or eating disorders have taken from you. You will begin to put more trust in your own body and not the scale.  You will bring God to the main stage of your life. How would it feel to boldly walk in God's love and embrace your identity in Christ?

Are You Ready to Start Living

Like You Are More Than A Number?

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