Learn how to end your “eat-repent-repeat” cycle

Do you want to stop going to food when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, bored or lonely?

Are you tired of trying to follow a diet, only to feel like a failure when it didn’t work?

IT IS TIME for you to feel empowered, confident and joyful about your food relationship.

  1. Learn THE ONE eating pattern that will leave you feeling energized and at the top of your game (hint: it’s not another diet!)

  2. Uncover SIX key decisions to be in charge of your food choices

  3. Understand why dieting has never worked and how to use the Mindful Eating Cycle for true freedom with food

If a craving does not come from hunger, food will never satisfy it.
— Michelle May, MD

Who should join?

  • Anyone who struggles with body dissatisfaction and food obsession.

  • Individuals finding their way to freedom from dieting, the drive to be thin and emotional overeating.

  • If you think you “might have a problem” and are not sure where to start with healing your food, body and God relationship.

  • Individuals who want to end deprivation driven overeating.

  • YOU, if you are ready to finally learn how to eat the foods you love, without guilt or rules.

You can be free from dieting!

Here is what one of my clients has to say about our work:

“I need to boast about how awesome you are and what a difference you made in my life. I ate pizza for lunch and had ice cream, too! I feel fantastic about it. I have never been better body and mind wise thanks to your coaching and support!”

~Shannon S.

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Hi, I’m Kelley, the Warrior Dietitian. Using a non-diet, weight neutral and faith focused approach, I fight with my clients and for my clients to break free of chronic dieting, eating disorders and the drive to be thin so they can experience the promise of a full and abundant life!

I can tell you are committed to freeing yourself from food worry, body hatred and confusing nutrition messages. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. So, let’s go take you a step further from the scale, dig a little deeper and unlock your power to change from food worry to FOOD FREEDOM!

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You are Loved. You are Accepted. You are More than a Number.

As a result of working with Kelley, I was freed from the constraints and negativity of dieting. ~Michelle C.

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Hi lovely!

Trust me, I get how hard it is to accept your body in our diet driven, thin obsessed culture. That’s why I am here…to walk with you on this journey. Don’t miss this first step to break free from the harm of dieting, find your voice of healing and enter into a space of freedom & abundantly living. I hope you will take this step…for YOU!


Kelley (Warrior Dietitian)

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