Is this you...

You wake up each morning dreading the walk to the bathroom scale.

Thoughts of food, what you can or can't eat consume your mind.

You've tried this diet and that diet & now you don't trust food or yourself.

You want to be free to live with obsessing about food, weight or your body.

You want to grow closer to God, walk in his love and embrace who you are in Christ.

6 Steps to Freedom from

Food, Body & Weight Obsessions

Break free from the rules and rigidity of dieting. begin to trust yourself with food again. be free to live your best life!


Our Next 6-week session begins September 18. 

When you purchase the e-course you will:

  1. Gain access to one module each week, including encouraging videos and workbook to challenge your current beliefs and behaviors.
  2. Have access to the private On-line community to share insights, struggles, & accomplishments and support each other as you work through the course material.
  3. Receive extra support and encouragement through daily emails (sent Monday-Friday).
  4. Three group coaching calls to explore your progress, answering your burning questions, provide prayer and support to empower you on your freedom journey.
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Weekly modules & content

  • End the Hurt, Start the Healing
    • Identify experiences & ideologies that have influenced your relationship with food, your body and God.  Acknowledge the hurts and embrace truth through scripture so you can call on God's healing hand to release you from these hurts.
  • Building Momentum, Moving Mountains
    • Bring clarity to why you want to be free from food, body & weight obsession. Set an intentional visualization of what your freedom will look like. Identify potential obstacles & create a scripture focused success plan to overcome them so you can finally see lasting success.
  • Nurtured and Nourished
    • Set aside all you have learned through your dieting efforts and pick up science-based truth about food so that you are empowered to know fact vs. fiction. Nurture an acceptance of all foods in balance, variety and moderation as you release anxieties and worry about your food decisions. Silence your inner critic and experience an inner rebel who wants to fight the diet mentality and nurture you with encouragement and support.
  • Renew Your Mind
    • Challenge the negative diet driven chatter with truth from God's word. Uproot seeds of negative, worldly focus as you plant seeds of truth and Spirit focus.  Learn to water your truth seeds consistently so you can effectively and confidently challenge harmful thoughts.
  • No Longer a Slave
    • Building from renewing your mind, no longer a slave will help you break free of image based idolatry-an effort that simply leads to disconnected eating and poor body image.  Learn the principles needed to break the dieting chains. Begin to embrace a food relationship based on compassionate self-care, honoring hunger and fullness and enjoying the foods that make you feel good. This will launch you into confident eating so you can enjoy fearless eating wherever you go!
  • Beautiful, Confident You
    • Cultivate body gratitude and begin to trust yourself. Learn to quiet the inner critic and nurture a loving voice to speak positively about your body and see yourself take charge of your health, food choices and your life! Embrace who God says you are and begin to boldly walk in God's love as you experience your God-given identity.

the Next 6-week session begins

September 18

Early Bird Rate


**The price increases to $299 on September 10**

Do you benefit from a one-to-one approach? grab the vip package below designed just for your success!

In addition to the benefits with the basic package, the VIP package gives you personal coaching support through six-30 minute sessions.  This allows you to dive deeper, receive personal prayer support and lazer focused planning to ignite your journey to freedom so that you can finally experience life without food, body and weight obsession.

VIP investment


(total savings of $250)

E-Course & Group Coaching

open to 10 participants

3 group calls, 1 hour each

Next Session Begins July 6th

  • Join a group of women with similar food & faith struggles
  • 4 Group calls throughout the course
  • Receive encouragement, support and embrace God's love for you
  • Recorded calls in case you can't make it
  • Get your questions answered in a safe environment (questions can be submitted in advance.

3 month Premium Coaching Package

3 month Intensive Journey to Freedom from Food, Body and Weight Obsessions

Be transformed from a life consumed by food to a life embraced by God's love.

  • Access to self-study modules for the 6 steps with workbook to empower behavior change and encourage a closer walk with God.
  • 2 Individual coaching calls (1 hour ea)/month
  • Welcome packet
  • Participant guidebook with handouts to challenge your growth
  • Access to the membership group
  • Spiritual growth through devotional study at the beginning of each session
  • Commitment to My Embraced Life Certificate

6 Month VIP Coaching Package 

6 month journey to a LIFE consumed WITH GOD,

not consumed by food, body and weight obsession.

  • Access to e-course
  • 1 Group Support Call/month
  • 3 Individual coaching calls (1 hour ea)/month
  • In depth teaching & coaching of intuitive principles
  • Monthly homework to nurture Body Gratitude
  • Complimentary Access to Monthly "Topic of Interest" Call
  • Welcome packet
  • Participant guidebook with handouts to challenge your growth
  • Access to the membership
  • A copy of the book "Intuitive Eating" & Workbook
  • A copy of the book "Beautiful Me"
  • Spiritual growth through devotional study & prayer at the beginning of each group and individual session
  • Surprise gift of appreciation
  • Commitment to My Embraced Life Certificate
  • BONUS Coloring Book Study Bible!

you are more than a number.

You are accepted.

you are loved.

If you are ready to make lasting change and...

  • learn to really trust yourself with food
  • eat confidently in restaurants
  • eat according to your hunger and fullness rhythms
  • throw away diets & the scale
  • live confidently in your body
  • engage in movement that brings joy and health
  • LIVE your life to the fullest

then you are ready to invest in you...

Do you have questions?

I would love to answer them for you!

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