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On the outside you show perfection, but on the inside you are hurting.

You are a powerhouse woman, a leader in your field, a multi-tasking momma, well educated and you have a heart of gold.  You hold everything together no matter the circumstance, but if your friends and family could take a peek inside your mind, they would see a different you.

The voice in your mind just won't stop

  • Telling you to compare to other women, just to strip you of your self-confidence

  • Yelling at you to follow the rules or you will "lose control" and be a "failure"

  • Convincing you that if you ever have "that body" again, life will be miserable

  • Counting, measuring, weighing and calculating

  • Worrying that you just made the wrong food choice

  • Worrying that you will never be good enough, beautiful enough, even capable of being loved

  • Worrying that if you let go of the rules and rigidity, you won't be able to deal with life

  • Worrying that if you don't lose weight you won't be respected in your job

  • Worrying that people will judge your body and your food choices

  • You fear the unknown, the life you will have without the companion of an eating disorder.

Start your path to freedom by scheduling your initial consultation. This can be virtual or in-person. Must be a resident of Virginia. (Click the image below to check appointment availability.)

Maybe you are like many of the women I see and you don't feel "sick" enough to get help or even "worthy" of getting help.

Yet you want out of these chains, you want your mind to be free, you want to pursue your passions, you want to be free to be the real you.  Yet you remain frustrated that, even with all your knowledge, you can't seem to break free. Many days you simply feel hopeless that you life will ever be different.

Your food struggles may manifest as severe restriction or avoidance of certain foods or food groups, extreme rules and rigidity that dictate what, when and how much to eat.  Without these self-imposed boundaries you would be so overwhelmed with choices you would make none.

Maybe you are a foodie and really enjoy eating, but you can't seem to say no or you respond to emotions and life by eating-and eating-and eating until you are incredibly ill.  You are flooded with guilt, shame and embarrassment, even trying to hide your eating habits.

Or, the guilt for eating food is so debilitating that you rid yourself of the guilt by purging or exercising hours upon hours.  You develop an intense hatred for your body and just wish it would look the way you want it to, now.

No matter the pattern you can heal your relationship with food and your body

You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself
— Geneen Roth

Hey, not sure that this is the best fit for you? Let’s hop on a call and explore your motivations, goals and current support needs. You will have time to ask questions and see if we are a good fit! Click below to get started.

You are here because you know it is time, again, to tackle the voice in your mind. Yeah, the one that is feeding you lie after lie, destroying your sense of self and robbing you of a full and abundant life. This may be the first time you have considered that there is an "issue" or you may be seeking help after multiple treatment efforts. Either way, this time will be different.

I hear you and I have seen many women come sit in my office with similar stories.  Just like I have done and continue to do for them, I will see you as a whole person, with her own story, worthy of respect, through non-judging eyes and with a heart that simply wants to lovingly walk with you on the journey. I stand as a warrior, waging war against the lies and deceit and fighting the good fight to knock down the enemy of your mind.


So, how do we do this?

Step one

  • This is usually the scariest step, taking the first movement towards ending the war on your body and food. We will first have our "get to know you" you session for 90 minutes. I will aim to understand your food and body relationship as we explore your nutrition and activity history, your past struggles and give a voice to your story. This is less of a "check list session" and more of a rapport building time. This can be done by phone, video or in-office. (Must be a resident of Virginia)

Purchase your initial consultation and schedule your first appointment below!

Select this image to check available appointment times, purchase and schedule your first step to freedom from food worry!

Select this image to check available appointment times, purchase and schedule your first step to freedom from food worry!


Step two

  • After the initial session, you will be given assignments to help you dig deeper into understanding your food relationship. This strategically helps identify a starting place for our work.

Step three

  • 1-2 weeks after our first session we will have a follow-up session to discuss what you learned from the assignments and set in motion an initial plan of action. At this point, you will have the opportunity to commit to your recovery process by selecting ,4, 6 or 8 sessions. We will cover a variety of topics tailored to your current recovery path. Your packages include weekly review of food and feelings logs, email support, and valuable handouts/activities to encourage your freedom. Using the Recovery Record app, we will set up super specific goals based on your journey.

Step four

  • Breaking free of the eating disorder chains is hard, but with GOD all things are possible. For those who are ready and say yes, we will bring prayer, scripture support and bible study to your path to freedom.

You have a calling on your life.

It is not a calling of captivity, but  one of freedom.

You not only have the voice of worry and fear, but you also have the voice telling you how amazing you would feel when you are no longer a slave, a voice that gives you hope.

We are not meant to be a slave to our body or to diet culture and now you are ready to finally:

  • Be fully present as a wife, mom, friend and employee

  • Say "yes" to the impromptu dinners without fear and calculating your food allowance

  • Live confidently in your body so you can pursue your passions without fear of being judged

  • Stop depriving yourself of the delicious food you really want and learn how to eat with joy, not guilt

  • Move your body because it feels good and you care for it so you can be free of compulsive exercise and make room for the important matters in your life

  • Get reconnected with God, using His truth and love to guide you to freedom and safety

You are finally ready to say yes to progress not perfection as you break your eating disorder chains

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