Are you tired of living by the number on the scale— mentally, physically and emotionally drained from years of dieting?

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Or, are you battling an eating disorder and don’t know where to start?

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Chiseled is your AFFORDABLE pathway to finally having the mental, physical and spiritual energy to LIVE a FULL and ABUNDANT LIFE!

Begin to heal your food, body & God relationships.

This is a membership group of faith focused women who are ready to break free from the chains of dieting, the drive to be thin, and body dissatisfaction. This group will NURTURE your identity in Christ, as a Woman of God, not a number on the scale. You will take necessary steps to change your mindset and heal your relationship with food and your body. In other words,

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Chiseled is not about getting a certain body type. This membership group is about encouraging each woman to let God chisel her into the creation He has called her to in this life-an identity based on HIS truth, not worldly ideals and expectations.  Just as Michelangelo chiseled the famous "David" sculpture out of a block of stone, it's time to let God Chisel His piece of art in you.

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On the outside you show perfection, but on the inside you are hurting.

You are a powerhouse woman, a leader in your field, a multi-tasking momma, well educated and you have a heart of gold.  You hold everything together no matter the circumstance, but if your friends and family could take a peek inside your mind, they would see a different you.

the voice in your mind just won't stop...

  • Telling you to compare to other women, just to strip you of your self-confidence

  • Yelling at you to follow the rules or you will "lose control" and be a "failure"

  • Convincing you that if you ever have "a larger body" again or don’t lose the weight NOW, life will be miserable

  • Counting, measuring, weighing and calculating

  • Worrying that you just made the wrong food choice

  • Worrying that you will never be good enough, beautiful enough, even capable of being loved

  • Worrying that if you let go of the rules and rigidity, you won't be able to deal with life

  • Worrying that if you don't lose weight, you won't be respected in your job

  • Worrying that people will judge your body and your food choices

  • You fear the unknown, the life you will have without the companion of an eating disorder.

You want help, you want freedom, but you are worried about committing.

This monthly membership group will be a community of faith focused women.  We will have a supportive and private on-line group to share our successes, participate in monthly success strategies as it fits your goals, discuss obstacles/frustrations and barriers to change. Chiseled will offer you a variety of avenues to encourage, support and challenge you to grow with God as you move away from the diet mentality into a life free of food, body and weight obsession. Scroll down to explore some of the monthly benefits!

IMAGINE your new voice:

  • Encouraging other women instead of comparing. You will be “the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”

  • Empowering you to confidently choose foods that support your body-without fear and guilt.

  • Shifting you from rules to flexibility so you are no longer trapped in a box of rigidity.

  • Complimentary and appreciating your body and the story that goes with it.

  • Being curious of how different foods and food combinations make you feel. (Instead of counting, weighing, measuring…)

IMAGINE never chasing another diet again.

IMAGINE chasing your DREAMS, not a number on the scale.

IMAGINE that you are not eating in secret or hiding food.

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IMAGINE finally being free to eat what you want, when you want and how much you want…based on YOUR body…not the rules.

IMAGINE what it feels like to be free of food, body and weight obsessions.

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Membership Details

Your first step will be to commit to yourself by purchasing the monthly membership plan. Then, you will get your VIP access pass to Chiseled where you will have exclusive access to the following benefits!

  1. Bible Study

    Without the Word of God, we will be lost and lose hope. God’s truth is the foundation of all other things that will happen within this membership. Each month you will have access to a new bible study. At times, we may also participate in a GROUP study such as “No Other Gods” or “Armor of God”, for example.

2. Live Training

Each month, we will have a LIVE training via zoom. This is your opportunity to dive deeper into a specific topic area, ask questions and go further into your healing from food, body and weight obsessions. At times, we will have guest speakers to further your understanding of specific topics.

3. Monthly Coaching & Office Hours

To give you the best opportunity to overcome your barriers to success and launch into your freedom, each month I will host ONE group coaching call and have ONE hour of “office hours” to answer your questions live. This will be your time to get 1:1 coaching on the spot! If you are not able to make the calls no worries! Simply submit your question in advance and I will aim to provide you a response on the call!

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4. Monthly Membership Resource Kit

In addition to live training, group coaching and office hours, you will have VIP access to exclusive content. We will cover a variety of topics, to include intuitive eating, body image, movement, overcoming media messages, diminishing fat talk, mindfulness activities to reduce stress, self-care and other topics as requested. Your resource kit will include success driven handouts, videos and suggested readings. (Are you curious what this will look like? Take a peak HERE!)

5. Community & Support in our tribe of Warrior Women

There is no doubt that there is strength in numbers. My heart for this membership is to cultivate and nurture a group of Warrior Women who are working to put on their armor of God. This will equip us to fight for each other and ourselves against the lies of diet culture that tell us we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, woman enough, etc. The heart of our tribe is to strengthen, uphold, encourage, support and pray for one another in our efforts to be free of food, body & weight obsession and LIVE in our God given calling.

You will be empowered and equipped in these areas:

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Chiseled is founded on God's truth and will be the driving force behind our interactions.  We will explore women of the Bible, using God's truth to master our Christ-like mind, putting on our armor to defeat the enemy, learning to live in true joy-the joy that God has freely given to us and can't be taken away. We will incorporate prayer, Bible studies, and you will receive encouragement via email with scripture to get your day/week started.  Whether you have never opened a Bible or said a prayer or have been learning the Word since 5 years old...I pray this will be a safe place to hear & receive God's love.

We will spend time exploring our relationship with our body and with moving it for a new purpose. Diet culture has dictated movement as a way to lose weight, burn calories, punish yourself for what you eat and to earn the right to eat. Now, you will take steps to embrace moving your body in a way that feels good TO YOU. You will learn to let go of “fitness rules”, stop obsessing about tracking your strides and miles and calories burned and finally get consistently connected with your body through movement. No rules here, just support and encouragement!

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You probably have a wealth of information about food and nutrition. If you are like many of the women I have counseled, this information has become a tormentor in your mind, constantly causing you to doubt your food decisions and cultivating confusion about what is the best or right way to eat.  This portion of Chiseled is here to teach you how to use nutrition knowledge without guilt and in a way that supports your health & satisfaction.  Using scripture and the principles of intuitive eating, you will reclaim fearless eating, compassionate self-care and toss out the guilt. 


Success and progress is impacted positively when you are surrounded with a supportive community. This monthly membership will have a private group for our tribe of warriors so we can safely share our struggles, successes, prayer requests and encouragement. This will be your space of like minded women who are seeking more of God and desiring to heal their food, body and God relationships. Having a supportive community will help you stay accountable to your personal goals!

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As women, we are expected to look a certain way, have a particular body type, and exhibit certain characteristics. We often feel discouraged when not holding up to these standards. We are chained to the scale, doing whatever diet or exercise the scale demands of us. This keeps us in bondage.  In Chiseled, we are going to begin to redefine our body image through monthly activities and most importantly through the lens of God's Word. We are going to be set free of bondage, out of the chains of the scale and into the loving arms of Christ. Through various activities we will learn to walk in our one TRUE identity.

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This benefit is one of the most impactful when you show up and participate. Monthly, we will have a LIVE group coaching call. This is your opportunity to bring your questions about our monthly topic and get 1:1 coaching! Yes, you will get personal coaching on these group calls!


You may be wondering…who is Kelley??

I am a wife and a mother

To three sweet darlings that God has blessed me with. Professionally, I am a registered dietitian who seeks to help women break free from the bondage of food, body and weight obsessions. However, I am really starting to see that I am truly a....WARRIOR! The meaning of “Kelley” is actually “warrior” and I don’t think my mom knew the power behind the name when she chose it! As a Warrior in Christ, I armor to fight for and with individuals to break free from the bondage of dieting & eating disorders. I hope to empower YOU to boldly walk in God's Love and embrace who YOU are in Christ.

You see, I have always been passionate

For helping others and trying to make others happy (though my mother may dispute this a little bit). Has there ever been anyone in your life that made you want to do something to help? For me, it was my daddy who had diabetes.  I chose a path of nutrition to help others manage their diabetes and live their best life! Well, guess what?! God had another plan and ultimately He landed me here!

By way of a postcard in 2008

God sent me to work at Remuda Ranch in Milford, Virginia.  At the time, this was a Christian based program for treating eating disorders.  Can I tell you how terrified I was?!  I did not know too much about eating disorders and I was not real comfortable in my faith yet, including praying.  BUT, that was a major part of my job description! I did not grow up in church and only came to know the Lord when I was in college, yeah back in 2001.  A dear friend convinced me to go with him.  I did. I accepted Jesus and the rest is history. Well, not really!  I actually wound up moving more into sin than more into God. Crazy, huh?! I know I am not alone in that story.  Thankfully I serve a Mighty God who saves and forgives! Really, when God sent the postcard in 2008 was really the beginning of my closer walk with him.  He equipped me to be a mighty prayer warrior, an intercessor and a fighter for His Kingdom.

Now sweet sister, it is time to lock hands so we can fight together for YOUR freedom from food, body and weight obsessions. Sign up below to get access to Chiseled today!

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