A 6-month faith filled eating recovery program to reduce food anxiety and empower confident eating so you can freely experience a purposeful, hope-filled & abundant life.


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AS a young girl & teenager, i never fit the bill for beauty

I simply did not measure up to other girls as I awkwardly tried to fit in with the right “look”-hair, nails, clothes.  Well, that just did not work for me and I did not really feel like I fit in with the pretty girls.  So, I found my identity and confidence in other ways: sports, academics and band.  In my little school and town, I became the best at most of the things I set my mind to accomplish. That is who I became: MVP, Valedictorian, Lead chair in band and the drum major. 

i was fulfilled, at least it appeared that way

I still had a gaping hole inside of me.  I was ridiculing my strong body, though I LOVED pushing heavy weight; I would wish away my curly hair and hope to wake up with thighs that did not touch.  Meanwhile, I would absorb the hurtful comments about my hairstyle, my quirky personality, the way I would walk or run and so on.  

I did not know it then,

but I am certain this was one part of the equation that lead me to eat large quantities of comfort food: fig newtons, fudge rounds, just about anything soft, chewy and sweet. 

Fast forward into the college years and bring on some major insecurities about being beautiful enough and having the right body.  Then, hit the gym to get the lean sculpted (and tan) look promised to me by the magazine I faithfully purchased every month.  Oh, let’s not leave out the awesome nutrition education I was gaining to make sure I was eating right to keep my weight off! Now, a mother of three beauties, my body shape, size and fitness level are not at all what they once were.  

But, I have something now I did not have before

Something that really makes me who I am and confident no matter where I go.  Something that pushes me to fight for women like you…His name is Jesus.

For I know the plans I have for you

plans to prosper you and not not harm you

plans to give you hope and a future

jeremiah 29:11

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Let's move you from surviving to thriving

you have plans, a hope and a future promised to you, yet fear, negative self-image, food and weight obsessions consume your life


Embrace Eating Recovery's Breakthrough program is a 6 month life changing journey that will

  • Ignite your hope for a joyful life so you can be free from the burdens of the world
  • Empower you to boldly walk in God's love & embrace who you are in Christ so you are finally owning your identity
  • Move mountains as you release the burdens of dieting, eating disorders and the drive to be thin.
  • Show you how to develop and nurture a satisfying relationship with food, your body and God so that you can start saying yes to social activities, moving your body the way you want to and experience God like you never have in the past
  • Teach you how to use healthy coping skills, including prayer and bible study so that you will confidently and peacefully move through life's challenges

Program Details

  • Custom welcome packet
  • One hour nutrition assessment to hear your story and understand your concerns with food, weight, exercise and body image
  • Initial, midway and final evaluation of your food behaviors/thoughts, body image, exercise relationship, and relationship with God.  This will allow for development of your personal treatment plan,  effectively strategize your progress and demonstrate your success along the way.
  • Initial and final metabolic testing that will be used to create a structure plan of eating tailored to your individual needs. (Note, I do not promote a weight focused approach, but use the metabolic testing to guide you from chaotic eating to normal eating)
  • Individual sessions via tele-health or in person where I will tap into my coaching skills to take you from hopeless to hopeful, from discouraged to encouraged, from out of control to in charge.
    • Months 1-2 (4 sessions/month)
    • Months 3-4 (3 sessions/month)
    • Months 5-6 (2 sessions/month)
  • Three life experience sessions taking you through various settings such as cooking, movie night, clothes shopping, joyful movement and more. 
  • Meal support as needed.
  • Bible Study throughout the six month journey.  Materials are included in your program cost.
  • On-going support through the holidays. The winter months offer a lot in the way of social activity, celebration, get-togethers and joy.  This time often brings up many triggering events catapulting a woman who suffers with food, body and weight obsession into a downward spiral of doubt, fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, even isolation.  In your Breakthrough journey, you will have much needed support & encouragement through all the above listed items and most importantly, through prayer.

this program is for you if...

  • You are recently diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • You have been recently discharged from eating disorder treatment and looking for strong accountability
  • You are struggling to be set free of the diet mindset and live with fear around food and body image
  • You are ready to press and pray to move into a deeper relationship with God

reserve your space and get the early bird rate

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I'm Kelley, Warrior Dietitian

As we journey together

I will learn a lot about you and your relationship with food, your body, and with God.  So, I'll break the ice and go first! Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, don't you agree?  Well, first and foremost I am a Child of God.  I don't always act or think like I am, but I do KNOW that I am and I am a work in progress.  

I am a wife and a mother

To three sweet darlings that God has blessed me with. Professionally, I am a registered dietitian who seeks to help women break free from the bondage of food, body and weight obsessions.  However, I am really starting to see that I am truly a....TRANSFORMER! You heard correctly. :) My God given superpower is to help women break free from the bondage of dieting & eating disorders and empower them to boldly walk in God's Love and embrace who they are in Christ.

You see, I have always been passionate

For helping others and trying to make others happy (though my mother may dispute this a little bit). Has there ever been anyone in your life that made you want to do something to help? For me, it was my daddy who had diabetes.  I chose a path of nutrition to help others manage their diabetes and live their best life! Well, guess what?! God had another plan and ultimately He landed me here!


i have dedicated my training and education to help women like you

Since beginning my work in eating disorders in 2008 I have continued to seek understanding and wisdom in the treatment of eating disorders.  I attend conferences by various leaders in the field, BEDA, NEDA, and IAEDP, to name a few.  In 2010 I met Michelle May, M.D. and author of "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat" at a BEDA conference.  Her work resonated with me and I went on to receive my training and license to facilitate the mindful eating program "Am I Hungry?" Through my training and supervision my hours are close to complete for becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian and I recently joined many others as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.


even with all of my training and experience, something was missing

Kelley Raetzsch, Warrior Dietitian

Working with women to break free from food fears, body obsession and disordered eating patterns has become a passion and the driving force behind continuing in private practice.  I enjoy getting my hands on the latest research and standing up for the non-diet, body positive movement, but a piece of the puzzle was still lacking. That missing piece has a name...


God put a strong pull on my heart to bring Him fully into the picture of my work to REALLY set women free!  It is not by the work I do, but the work God does through me where women uncover their true identity. Sessions with me often start with prayer and a devotional reading to stir the heart of my client and prepare her to hear from God during our time together.  I utilize scripture to draw analogies and provide encouragement. The women that work with me begin to find their identity as a woman of God, not a number on the scale and become a powerful testimony to God's grace and mercy.  The captive woman is set free and is launched into a purposeful, hope filled and abundant life.


What else can I expect from Breakthrough?


Wow, if all of this hands on learning and practical experience was not enough, you will also receive an individualized treatment plan, coordinated care with other treatment team members and your

Welcome package

  • Participant Breakthrough Binder to organize your handouts, writing assignments and see your progress
  • Personal Journal so that you can have an account of your victories and struggles
  • Bible Study Materials to deepen your relationship and walk with God
  • A copy of "8 Keys to Recovery" to challenge your destructive thinking and take a deeper look at the "why" behind your behaviors
  • A copy of "Body Kindness" to cultivate body gratitude and self-care
  • Scripture Cards so that you can have constant and convenient encouragement

Bonus #1


Exclusive access to my self-study course, 6 steps to life free of food, body and weight obsessions

This self-study course was inspired by God and to bring you out of the darkness and into the light.  There are six modules and each one has a video PLUS companion workbook encouraging you to think more deeply about your relationship with your body, with food and with God. 

  • Module One: End the Hurt, Start the Healing
  • Module Two: Building Momentum, Moving Mountains
  • Module Three: Nurtured & Nourished
  • Module Four: Renew Your Mind
  • Module Five: No Longer a Slave
  • Module Six: Beautiful, Confident You

Bonus #2

receive a discounted rate on the 3-month "Restored" coaching package.

Upon completing the 6 month program, you will receive an exclusive rate on my 3-month coaching package, if you order within 72 hours of completing the Breakthrough Program.  This package draws on your successes and enhances your learning opportunities.  Your package will be specifically created based on your progress in Breakthrough.

I will fight for you to be free...

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