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Are you ready to eat without guilt?

Discover peace with food and finally be free of food worry. Join an upcoming virtual or in-person 8-Week Mindful Eating Workshop!


  1. Spent countless hours focused on what foods you can and can’t eat based on the rules of a diet?

  2. Felt frustrated that you can’t seem to stick to any diet?

  3. Become overwhelmed with life and eaten past fullness?

  4. Only to then resolve to “be good” again?



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Program Details

  • 8 Weeks of live, web-based groups through our membership portal at Practice Better.

  • Purchase includes a copy of “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat” and Awareness Journal

  • Weekly email summary to recap session highlights and homework.

  • Daily mindful moment via email.

  • Free Facebook community to interact with other participants, share successes, be encouraged and get support overcoming obstacles.

  • VIP option…personalized coaching provided between sessions when you upgrade!



(20% savings when paid in full)



4 Installments, $70 Each

Weekly Focus

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Week One

In Charge, Not in Control

  • Introduction to Instictive Eating and the different Eating Cycles

  • Begin to explore what really drives your eating patterns

  • Learn the truth about diets

  • Understand metabolism basics

  • Faith Focus: “The Truth Will Set You Free”

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Week Two

Trust Your Body Wisdom

  • Rediscover your hunger

  • Begin to honor your hunger with awareness

  • Identify physical hunger vs “other” hungers

  • Rediscover food without food rules

  • Understand your relationship with movement and identify supportive motivations to move (without focusing on weight!)

  • Faith Focus: A Still Small Voice


Week Three

It’s Not About the Food

  • You are not hungry…what next?

  • Identify the 3 main responses to non-hunger urges to eat

  • Define supportive strategies to non-hunger urges to eat using the FEAST tool

  • Drink & be merry-nourishing your body effectively with fluids

  • Begin to implement a foundation of joyful movement

  • Faith Focus: “The Bread of Life”


Week Four

What are you really hungry for?

  • Learn how to cope with head hunger

  • Identify triggers for non-hunger urges to eat

  • Rewire your brain using the TFAR tool

  • Make peace with carbs as you clear the confusion around this needed nutrient

  • Take movement to new level as you strategize ways to increase your stamina

  • Faith Focus: “Ask and It Will Be Given”

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Week Five

Fearless Eating

  • Begin to mindfully and proactively consider your food choices

  • Cultivate supportive food choices by asking 3 important questions

  • Understand the importance of fats and how to incorporate fats in a supportive way for your health

  • Get flexible as you incorporate activities to keep your body strong and flexible

  • Faith Focus: “Peace I Leave With You”

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Week Six

Mindful Eating

  • Learn and implement specific mindful eating strategies

  • Get connected to your body for intentional choices with food and fullness

  • Give attention to your fullness and body responses to eating

  • Incorporate the power of protein without rules and rigidity

  • Understand the role of building body strength. Explore activities that feel good to you and support your strength

  • Faith Focus: “Giving Thanks to God”


Week Seven

Just Right

  • Focus on the amount of food to fuel your body and feel “just right”

  • Learn from your overeating and under-eating patterns

  • Learn the importance of micronutrients in our body and how to include them more often

  • Begin to work with you body and movement in a way that challenges you

  • Faith Focus: “My Grace is Sufficient”

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Week Eight

Self-Care Buffer Zone

  • Understand where you spend your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy

  • Learn how to maximize your self care in those areas

  • Learn to nourish yourself well, as a means of self-care

  • Move your body for self-care…on your terms

  • Faith Focus: “Life More Abundantly”



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Hi! I’m Kelley, registered dietitian and your facilitator for the 8-Week Mindful Eating Programs. I look forward to supporting your healing journey with food and your body!

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