Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Romans 12:1-2

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5 Day Diet Detox

Have you ever experienced the overwhelming drive to lose weight? Your next step was likely to seek the best diet or just dive into the first one that came your way.

So, like most who start a new diet, you hop on the roller coaster by:

  • enjoying the "last supper"
  • experiencing the loss (of weight and enjoyment of food)
  • the cheat day that leads to...
  • I messed up, so I might as well keep eating
  • now you feel guilt, frustration and body dissatisfaction
  • so, you resolve to try again, to get it right this time
  • you hit the weight loss plateau and the flood of emotions comes again
  • you throw in the towel of self-defeat, a cloud of hopelessness covers you and you feel like a failure..

You did not fail.

the diet failed you.


It is a world view that you must lose weight and be thin and when you obtain that goal, the world says you will be: "happy, successful, liked more, loved more, accepted, accomplished, worth something, good enough, smart enough, pretty enough"

enough is enough

you are loved.

you are accepted.

you are more than a number.

Are you ready to be transformed by the renewing of your mind? Do you want to experience life through a new view, through God's view? Are you ready to bury the old life (of dieting) and embrace your new life (walking in God's love, mercy and grace)? Your first step is here!

5 Day Diet Detox

a mindset challenge to help you break free from dieting

  1. explore your past dieting strategies & learn how to change your PRESENT experience
  2. identify your diet mindset & begin to cleanse it with diet free techniques for optimal health
  3. take the control back that the rules & rigidity of dieting has stolen from you

are you ready for change?

Be transformed!!

Get your complimentary guide here!

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